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Birthday Horoscope for People Born on March 3 — Pisces Zodiac Sign Personality & Qualities in Astrology Forecast. Discover your Destiny and Secrets.

March 31, at pm. Devi Satya says:.

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April 4, at am. April 7, at am. Pawan Maturi says:. While you are active, everything is possible. Your powers to pursue your dreams could be a reality with this energy. Your worse fears could come alive in its dormant state. According to your birthday horoscope , you love keeping your friends and your family close by. You are sensitive to their needs and always find the time to help them.

The love you have for them is unconditional, unlike your romantic relationships.

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You have a natural restlessness about you but especially so when it comes to social experiences. Aquarius , your ability to fall in and out of love can be frustrating to your lovers. If today is your birthday , Aquarius, stop being so particular about every little thing and show some acceptance. You should not feel as though you are excluded from being human. You have encountered many times in situations where you should not have been alone, but you were.

Mainly, it is because of your inability to stay grounded. You are so receptive, Aquarius, and affectionate — these qualities need to stand out in your relationships. Aquarians with February 15 birthday , sometimes leave people in dark silence and loneliness when expressing their feelings that end up having the opposite effect. If you do not change your ways, you could risk having perfect health. Missing so many opportunities for love, your birthday love compatibility predictions show that you could end up alone.


While being alone is not so bad, you tend to suffer from depression and that, my dear Aquarius, is a different thing. Aquarius, you know, letting yourself become too upset could affect your heart or affect other parts of your body. Not having your mind on what you are doing, you could have an accident. Aquarius, you are prone to cramps with problem areas affecting the leg. Skip to content Pavani Verri says:. Pisces Monthly Horoscope February 25, at am.

March 8, at pm. Farooq Peerammagari says:. March 10, at am. March 13, at am. Libra Dates of Birth Manubavu Mounika says:. Zodiac sign for January 5, Capricorn Jogipet Vishwanath says:. April 8, at pm.

Dharavath Pavan jadhav says:. Pisces Monthly Horoscope. Zodiac Sign Everything Birthday. January 25 horoscope sagittarius. One of Swift's earliest musical memories is listening to her maternal grandmother, Marjorie Finlay, sing in church. He's out there continuing to make his fans so happy. Any musician could only dream of a legacy like that. He's just one of those people who has been in this business for years but you can tell it hasn't chewed him up and spat him out", Swift says. She's known as an emotional person but a strong person".

Swift has been influenced by other non-country artists. As a pre-teen, she enjoyed bubblegum pop acts including Hanson and Britney Spears , for whom Swift has said she has an "unwavering devotion". It's easier to stay in one look, one comfort zone, one musical style. It's inspiring to see someone whose only predictable quality is being unpredictable.

Swift's music contains elements of pop , pop rock , country [] and country pop. Swift's music to indicate country—a few banjo strums, a pair of cowboy boots worn onstage, a bedazzled guitar—but there's something in her winsome, vulnerable delivery that's unique to Nashville. She can still sound strained and thin, and often strays into a pitch that drives some people crazy; but she's learned how to make words sound like what they mean. In an interview with The New Yorker , Swift characterized herself primarily as a songwriter: "I write songs, and my voice is just a way to get those lyrics across.

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Swift uses her life experiences as an inspiration in her work. And it imperils a true appreciation of Swift's talent, which is not confessional, but dramatic. You try to give insight as to where you were coming from as a writer without completely throwing somebody under the bus. For a female to write about her feelings, and then be portrayed as some clingy, insane, desperate girlfriend in need of making you marry her and have kids with her, I think that's taking something that potentially should be celebrated—a woman writing about her feelings in a confessional way—that's taking it and turning it and twisting it into something that is frankly a little sexist.

The Guardian has praised Swift for writing about teenage years "with a kind of wistful, sepia-toned nostalgia" over the course of her first two albums. The magazine has also compared her work to Brian Wilson. Rolling Stone describes Swift as "a songwriting savant with an intuitive gift for verse-chorus-bridge architecture".

AQUARIUS Weekly ~July 22 to 28 * TIME TO REFOCUS!

In The Guardian ' s words, "she spends so much time kissin' in the rain that it seems a miracle she hasn't developed trenchfoot ". Swift has collaborated with many different directors to produce her music videos, and over time she has become more involved with writing and directing. She has her own production house, Taylor Swift Productions, Inc. Swift developed the concept and treatment for "Mean". And she stayed for both the hour shooting days, even when she wasn't in the scenes. From to , Swift collaborated with director Joseph Kahn on eight music videos—four each from her albums and Reputation.

Kahn has praised Swift's involvement in the craft. Swift received starring and executive producer credit, and in won a Primetime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Interactive Program category for the app. In , Swift developed the concept and then wrote the treatment for the music video for the Sugarland song "Babe". Nettles described it as "cinematic" and "a period piece", while Bush referenced its Mad Men influences.

She also co-executive produced the latter with Todrick Hall. Swift's personal life is the subject of constant media attention. They questioned whether Swift was in the midst of a "quarter-life crisis". Rolling Stone remarks upon her polite manner: "If this is Swift's game face, it must be tattooed on because it never drops. Often described by the media as "America's Sweetheart", [] Swift insists she does not "live by all these rigid, weird rules that make me feel all fenced in.

I just like the way that I feel like, and that makes me feel very free". She refuses to take part in overly sexualized photo-shoots, [] although Bloomberg L. Swift has also appeared in various power listings. Time included her on its annual list of the most influential people in , , and Willing to take a risk and strong enough to walk away. In , she launched a campaign to protect children from online predators, in partnership with the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police. Jude Children's Research Hospital , Tennessee.

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The song was made available for digital download with all proceeds donated to cancer-related charities. During the presidential campaign , Swift promoted the Every Woman Counts campaign, aimed at engaging women in the political process. I'm so glad this was my first election. In a interview, Swift remarked that in spite of keeping herself "as educated and informed as possible", she does not discuss politics, fearing that might influence other people.

Prior to the midterm elections , Swift endorsed candidates for public office for the first time, declaring her support for two Democratic candidates in an Instagram post: [] [] Congressman Jim Cooper for re-election to the House of Representatives , and former Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen for election to the Senate. She spoke out against Bredesen's opponent, Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn , saying she was "appalled" and "terrified" by her voting record. She expressed her desire for LGBT rights and gender and racial equality, and condemned systemic racism.

While promoting her debut album, Swift appeared as the face of Verizon Wireless ' Mobile Music campaign. While promoting her fourth album, Red , Swift offered exclusive album promotions through Target, [] Papa John's Pizza , [] and Walgreens. These acted as the official airlines for the Australian and Asian legs; Cornetto sponsored the Asian leg of the tour. While promoting Reputation , Swift released a series of behind-the-scenes videos showing the album recording process through DirecTV.

Swift has sold more than 50 million albums—including From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the singer.