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Birthday Horoscope for People Born on March 3 — Pisces Zodiac Sign Personality & Qualities in Astrology Forecast. Discover your Destiny and Secrets.

This is a strong conjunction.

March 13 Birthday Astrology

The benefic influences of the Sun and Venus are not hurt by the strength of Saturn, but rather supported by its intellect and judgment, since the Sun is lord of this place. The tenth place, the midheaven, is the place of authority and high rank, kingship and fame. Mercury is lord of this place, and Mercury and the Cauda Draconis may be found here. The lord of the tenth by arriving in the tenth indicates good fortune. The eleventh place is the place of hope and good fortune, praise, clothing, and affection. Saturn is the lord of this place.

The twelfth place indicates enemies and misfortune, sadness, envy and slander, and also riding animals. The Moon is lord of this place, and may be found in this place. A coronation on this day is a strong and auspicious beginning for rulers of judgment. Messages, though, may go astray.

Landed properties and the rulers thereof will be generous. The outcome of the reign will be favorable. There will be joy in feasting, and in the giving and receiving of gifts. There will be little among the populace while these rulers sit the throne. Controversy over martial matters may cause trouble, but opponents will be soothed, and controversy will not lead to war.

Science and learning will flourish during this reign, and the study of books and of music. Those crowned on this day will have good fortune and fame. Hope may dim, but misfortune and sadness will soon pass xxi. London: Warburg Institute. Chaucer, Geoffrey. A Treatise on the Astrolabe ed. Sigmund Eisner. Norman : University of Oklahoma Press.

March 13 Birthday Horoscope

A different edition attributed to F. Edgar Laird and Robert Fischer. Binghamton, N. Placed online by D. Evans, James. The History and Practice of Ancient Astronomy. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Grendler, Paul F. The Universities of the Italian Renaissance. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. The Almagest ed. Catesby Taliaferro. In: Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler. Great Books of the Western World No.

Loeb Classical Library No. Frank Egleston Robbins.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope from 13th March 2017

Boston: Harvard University Press. Sacrobosco, Johannes de.

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The Sphere of Sacrobosco and its Commentators. Lynn Thorndike. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Scott, Brian. Fifteenth Century Italian Men's Names. Taken from Thorndike, Lynn. University Records and Life in the Middle Ages. New York: W. Several secondary sources were of use in figuring out the details of the period texts. Evan's book is fantastic, and I highly recommend it. North and Tester were both useful for filling in gaps between my modern understanding of astronomy and the medieval understanding.

I had two motivations for this project. First, a fascination with this timeperiod, when the modern practice of science was beginning to develop, but the medieval geocentric cosmology still continued. Second, the practice of astrology permeated much of medieval life, and can provide insight into the prevailing worldview that we have completely lost in the modern world, and do not much consider within the SCA.

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Besides the predictions that have survived as modern superstition, astrology was essential for the proper practice of medicine, and for many other activities. Incidentally, Nicolaus Copernicus arrived here in to study astronomy. The University of Bologna was a leading center for astronomy. The major works I have consulted are listed above: Euclid, Elements an essential underpinning of medieval astronomy; Joyce ; Sacrobosco, De Sphaera from the thirteenth century ed. Thorndike ; the second-century works of Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos ed.

Robbins , and Almagest ed. Burnett et al. Other texts that I have not yet obtained in English translation include: Theorica Planetarum anonymous , and the eight-century text by Messahala Masha'allah , A Treatise on the Astrolabe , for which I have substituted the fourteenth-century texts Geoffrey Chaucer's Treatise on the Astrolabe ed. Eisner and Pelerin de Prusse's Practique de Astralabe eds. Laird and Fischer , which are derived from Messahala's earlier work. To preserve the medieval deference to authority and the flow of the text, when Ptolemy is cited as authority, the material is from Tetrabiblos.

The texts of Alcabitius and Sacrobosco are also cited, and all are from the volumes cited here. Despite the centuries of difference in date, a fifteenth-century scholar would have been using all of these texts, but probably in fifteenth-century editions with accompanying commentary. This was a common classical and medieval method for specifying the latitude of a city.

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Alcabitius explains the use of thirds, fourths, and so on, but that level of precision is not justified by the level of observational accuracy available. The Alphonsine tables were listed as part of the standard curriculum, but at some universities the master of astrology was required to produce new tables each year Grendler Unless otherwise noted as for the positions of the planets , I did all the calculations myself, following the methods employed by Ptolemy and those who followed him, but using a spreadsheet for the arithmetic.

I'm also working on a notebook of astrological tables. The Cauda Draconis, Tail of the Dragon, is the opposite point of the zodiac. These are called their houses. For example, the Sun's house is Leo.

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The house is defined in the previous footnote, and the exaltation is another sign of importance. Ptolemy describes the exaltation as the place where the planet's powers begin to increase Tetrabiblos. The triplicity is a three-sign group and is ruled over by different planets in the day and the night, the term is an irregular section of a sign, and a decan is a third of a sign. The houses, exaltations, triplicities and decans are standard, but the terms are the subject of much dispute.

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  7. Ptolemy presents several different tables of the terms, two of which are attributed to the Egyptians and the Chaldean. During the summer, daylight hours would be longer than those of the night, and the reverse in the winter. Noon is the time when the sun is at its highest. Evans does a nice job explaining this. During one hour, 15 degrees of the celestial equator will rise, but the zodiac is tilted with respect to the equator, so a particular segment of the zodiac may rise faster or slower than the equivalent segment of the equator.